3 Rue Rière Collioure 66190

Visit my studio/gallery to see my etching press at work. I welcome visitors who can watch while I am working.



Inspired by lively and colourful Collioure, my prints capture its atmosphere and people. I have been sketching in Collioure for many years and most prints will start as a sketch done plein air. Taking that initial image I will translate it onto a printing plate. Imagination and invention will play a part in the translation.


Typically etching relied on the use of oil based inks, etching acids and cleaning solvents. In Green or Non-Toxic etching the image on the plate is created by using a mordant in the which the traditional acids are replaced by copper sulphate and salt (replacing nitric and hydrochloric acid). To print the image, water-based inks are used which do not require cleaning with solvents.


To produce my etchings I use aluminium plates on which I put a water based ground. Drawing directly into the ground using different instruments including bamboo pens, wooden nibs and lead pencils, I add further texture to the etching by different timings and processes. I use Fabriano 300gsm paper for the prints which are dried and pressed. Many of the prints are then hand coloured to create a unique piece of art.