Fine Art Etchings 


Welcome to Presse Verte the online gallery and studio space of Irish artist and printmaker Felicity McCartan. Situated on 3 Rue Riére in the heart of the old port town of Collioure on the French Mediterranean, this is where Felicity makes and exhibits her fine art, limited edition, etching prints. She welcomes visitors to her studio and is happy to show and explain her non-toxic print making method.
If you can't come to the gallery, you can buy the etchings online here. Felicity welcomes enquiries about the non-toxic printing methods and colour techniques she uses which include using watercolour, diluted paint pigment and chine collé. For all your enquiries please contact me. 



Online Etching Gallery

These handmade, limited edition etchings are printed on a Dutch etching press on heavy, high quality paper in Rue Riere. The Italian paper is 300gms and takes the inks and paint so beautifully. Creating exciting colour compositions is an important aspect of these etchings. These are lovely art works:  a pleasure not only to look at and display but also to hold and touch. As they are printed on paper, they do need glass to protect their surface and have wide paper borders to allow for framing, with or without a mount board. These etchings are made to last. Each print is numbered and the editions limited. On completion of the edition the plate is destroyed.