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Buying art should be a pleasure whether as a gift for yourself or others. My prints are produced on a high quality Dutch hand driven etching press and are printed on the most appropriate and best quality Italian paper. You are looking at them digitally and the print when you receive it should exceed your expectations as a lovely piece of art. If it in any way fails to meets your expectations you are ensured that you will received a full refund. Absolutely no quibble, money back, guarantee.  

Felicity McCartan 


The only reason is that we need to process your data  is that we can execute the sale online and therefore as a consequence you provide your data. We will not share or use  your data other than with the financial service providers who allow us conduct a payment or other financial service online. You have the right to access, rectify or delete your personal data.



- Offline Payments can be arranged directed with us-

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